About Debbie Edwards – Coaching

With more than 27 years working experience mainly in global merchant banks, including seven years in a debbieManagerial role within Human Resources, Debbie has inspired many people to follow their purpose and live a fulfilled life. She has owned her own businesses and also been a partner of a business with her husband in the United Kingdom.

As a Certified Coach, Debbie uses the principles of Transformation Coaching, Life Coaching, Negative Emotional Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as her own life experiences and growth to apply tailored solutions to unique situations.

Coaching graduates:

Debbie is experienced and trained to guide graduates into the right job ensuring the correct training is provided. She believes that everyone can and should live a fulfilled life by seeing their day to day job not as a chore but as their passion.

This inspires your young graduates to be fully productive and engaged in their job, as opposed to being disengaged, unproductive and bored causing them to move jobs.

Services offered for graduates:

  • identify the right career saving unnecessary training costs
  • raise self-Esteem and self-worth to ensure you have productive staff
  • assist in identifying hierarchy of values which will make decision making a breeze
  • overcome any Anger Management issues
  • set achievable goals;

Coaching employees within your business:

Does this sound familiar? – A really well known and well-loved TV presenter on a famous TV show, viewed by millions of people all over the world gets ‘sacked’ from the show because him and his Producer have either anger management issues or strong egos, and end up in a fist fight. Debbie and her team have the tried and tested techniques to manage or even dissolve Anger Management behaviour/s in the workplace.

Employee’s who have low self-esteem will usually shy away from work, even though they are fully capable of coping. They will usually procrastinate or reassign a task to someone else. Debbie and her team can help them break through fears, obstacles, personal limitations and negative thinking to move forward.

Other services offered aimed at employees in the workplace:

  • Stop procrastination
  • Change unwanted behaviour, habits and attitudes
  • Confidence building:
    • build self-Esteem
    • Provide advanced techniques to boost sales
    • Presenting with confidence
    • Installing a powerful, successful and confident attitude


  • Set goals – Short to long term goals, and following a Goal Achievement System
  • Retrenchments – guiding your retrenched employee to:
    • Package deal for coping skills following a retrenchment

At the age of 18 I was misguided by family and friends and went into my first job as a Copy Typist. My career took a slight turn when I moved into Personnel (now known as Human Resources and payroll) and then later on in my career, into Human Resources Management.

I have run my own various businesses in South Africa and was in partnership with my husband running our own business in the United Kingdom. Following our return to South Africa, we now run DNR Consulting and Coaching together.

Due to my own lack of job satisfaction, I job hopped every two years and left jobs to run my own businesses in order to find something more fulfilling. It was difficult years ago to find professional help to make the right career choice and for me, IQ tests and other researched questionnaires were all way off the mark.

Therefore through my own self-development, I have found my passion which is to help students and graduates make the right career choice. From my Human Resources experience I am also passionate about coaching employee’s to soar to the top of the corporate ladder by dealing with that, which holds them back unnecessarily in the workplace.

Using the principles of Transformation Coaching, Life Coaching, Negative Emotional Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as my own life experiences and growth I Coach people, and provide tailored solutions to each unique situation.